First Financial Offers Great Rates on Credit Card

First Financial Offer Great Rates on Credit Cards, Great Low Rate. This card is for you.

Today, i will discuss about the first financial offers great rates on credit cards. For your information, founded in 1937 right here in New Mexico. First Financial Credit Union offers a variety of solutions to your financial needs with an emphasis on personal caring services among the products. They offer are credit cards with competitive rates and of course great rewards joining us now with more on that. This is Clint gray vice-president of credit card services good to see you. So, I think this is an important discussion especially with the holidays right around the corner people might be thinking. I add a credit card to what we’re doing?So, what kind of programs do you offer. It first financial well, we have we have two programs that we offer we have a low rate card that is as low as six point nine percent which is a great rate awesome that’s an amazing rate right.

First Financial Offers Great Rates on Credit Cards

We also have our rewards card that, you mentioned which it is still a great rate. It starts at nine point, nine percent but it offers rewards. So, let’s talk a little bit about the differences between the two and in the rewards, what kind of rewards are, we talking about. So with our rewards, you can get anything from airfare. You can get hotels, you can do household merchandise like TVs or stereos appliances. We also have gift cards for, you know different restaurants or iTunes Amazon anything like that Wow it’s really a wide range of products that’s really diverse. We’re talking at a nine point nine, so that’s amazing. Now of course a big question also that people have this time of year and unfortunately read about it in the news a lot is fraud correct wanting to protect their credit cards with fraud protections.

So, what do you offer in that real, we have a very unique fraud protection that we have it’s real time fraud monitoring. So you go swipe your card somewhere, if we feel that that’s a suspicious transaction. We’re gonna text you immediately, or we’re gonna try to get a hold of you by calling you or emailing, how are the best way to get a hold of you to find that find out. If that transaction is indeed yours. So, we can approve it for you. So, you don’t have that hassle of being declined or we can decline it. It is indeed fraud right you want to make sure because trying to get the recovery can sometimes be right absolute on that option or down that road. Read also : Are credit unions better than big banks?

First Financial Offers Great Rates on Credit Card

So, obviously it seems that that’s a great benefit for going with First Financial versus some of the other banks? what are the other benefits of going with you? Guys, you know our art cards are very comparable to everybody else’s obviously, we have great rates but we offer anything that your big credit card companies offer. What we also offer is that in town, you know we’re here, we’re local you, you want to buy local bank. So, we have 15 branches throughout the state and and then we have our call center. We have mobile banking and online banking. So, really anyway you know lots of great things offer. So, now if someone wants to get the ball rolling on an application.

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