Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review – Road Test Report

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - Expert Reviews

Hey, Good morning. Today the discussion is about the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review – In-Depth Road Test Report. There’s a gift waiting outside Go and grab it. So, why NS160? The full form of NS is a naked sport. We, the bikers of Bangladesh Really liked the 200cc version, NS200. Due to its looks, and its power. It is only for the bikers of Bangladesh Uttara. Motors Ltd has brought Bajaj Pulsar NS160 in Bangladesh. This bike has some quality and factor of Naked Sport. One of them is a three-part handle and then, there is the wolf looking headlight.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review – In-Depth Road Test Report

Which, to me, is one of the best looking in this segment. The thing which impressed me the most is the muscular looks. The air scoop is with the fuel tank. Which really helps the engine to cool down. We have the switch gears. The switch gears in this bike are different than other bikes. It illuminates at night time and, the quality is really good. This bike has a fully digital speedometer. This speedometer has a feature, which is on every Bajaj Pulsar and that is side stand indicator. It will indicate when the side stand is down.

This is an added safety feature. They have used a BS4 engine in the bike, which will pump out less emission. It also increases the mileage People, who do adventure and tours. This bike will be really comfortable for them And, the thing I’ve already mentioned, the muscular look to me.

Best looking motorcycle in the segment In Bajaj Pulsar NS160

This is the best looking motorcycle in the segment. In Bajaj Pulsar NS160, there is a new engine that is oil-cooled. This is the only motorcycle in this segment, which has an oil-cooled engine. Let’s explain the oil cooling. You will see a small radiator in front of the engine. The system circulates the engine oil. When the engine oil gets hot, it gets sent into the radiator and it circles back. Therefore, in the hot and humid condition in our country. The engine gets really fast cooling. This bike has a four-valve engine with a twin spark. The engine produces 15.3 bhp and 14.7 NM of torque.

There is a 5-speed gearbox. The engine, they used in Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is more refined than other Pulsars. The acceleration is really smooth. The acceleration from 0 to 80 is linear and then slows a bit. Let’s discuss vibrations now. Every motorcycle vibrates a bit. You will feel slight vibration at the footpeg at 6 to 7 thousand RPM And, when the speed reaches 100-110, the handlebar will vibrate a little. Overall, I am very happy with this motorcycle Comparing to the price and the build quality.

So, I have been riding the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 on the highway with the rain. So definitely, it is an exciting ride. What was the experience? Let’s share it with you guys. Let’s discuss the chassis first, The chassis is fantastic in terms of design. The perimeter frame is the biggest strength. The chassis, the perimeter frame, and the rear nitrox mono-shock suspension give out fantastic handling. Does this 110 section tire make the bike unstable?

The braking system

The braking system would be better if there was a disc brake in the rear. Right now, this is not the best braking system in this segment. The perimeter frame and the rear suspension give the bike good backup. In the front, they have used a 240 mm disc brake. This disc brake is relatively small in this segment. In the rear, they have used a drum brake, if there were a flat tire and disc brake in the rear.

The bike would perform better in terms of controlling and braking. But, maybe the mileage and the top speed would drop in the wider tire. In our test ride, we clicked a top speed of 127 KMPH. The extended mudguards in this bike perform well in rain. The feet will get less wet in the rainy ride. Another feature is the underbelly exhaust. Due to that, the sound is not too sweet. It will help in balancing. The bike has an extended guard And an extended rear footpeg. So, the pillion would be comfortable in long-distance riding And, the grab rail will give more comfort.

So, the pillion would be comfortable in long-distance riding. So, there is no back pain in long-distance riding. Let’s talk about its cornering ability. The bike grips perfectly in high-speed cornering. It doesn’t slip unless you cross 110-115KMPH. But, the negativity starts, when you do slow speed cornering. Due to the high center of gravity, It skids a bit. So, I will recommend keeping the proper tire pressure on the bike. So, the bike becomes stable. Another thing, which I liked about the motorcycle is the DC headlight. The headlight illuminates really well. Therefore you will find great confidence in village roads or broken roads. We have come to the marine drive.

Pros And Cons

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the bike. I really liked the build quality and finishing. The engine is more refined than before. The acceleration is really smooth. The suspension feedback is excellent and, though the rear tire is slim. The tire grip is good And, the DC operated headlight is really good Even after all these good sides.

I really don’t like the slim rear tire. It needed to be a bit wider. The saddle height is a bit high, so it will create some problems for short people. Though the braking is good, but not the best in the segment. Though the braking is good, but not the best in the segment. Though many people will complain about the slim rear tire. It is backed up by its suspension and build quality. The perimeter frame is really great. We hope that it will soon launch the twin disc variant of the bike.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - Road Test Report

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