First Financial Security FFS – LEADERS CONVENTION


Your DNA  is not about where you are today. It’s where your efforts will take you tomorrow. Meetings (are the) loss of my freedom, right? But here, in FFS (First Financial Security FFS ), meetings means, what? More money. You have to believe first! That’s what our business is about. The DNA of our business is what? Simplicity. If it’s complicated, people like myself can’t do it.

First Financial Security FFS

We can’t do what we can’t see. In the history of financial services, there has absolutely never been a product like the Indexed Universal Life that we work with today. There are 7 ways to get paid. Did everybody know that? The possibilities for your life are endless, and the potential is unlimited, and high performance living is well within your reach. Now, in order for you to business here, you must be coachable, stay coachable, get a line with your upline.

Will you achieve your achieve your dream in your lifetime? This is where they have the infrastructure, they have the System, they have the blueprint. And all I do is to recruit and build. Why are we here? We’re here to make a change in people’s lives. We’re ready to scale! If you wanna be a great leader, look like one, be like one, walk like one, talk like one. Days in and days out. If people could just do that, I think that you can accomplish just about anything that you ever want to do. If your paycheck is not what you like it to be, it’s your fault.

You’ve gotta do your homework before you go out there! Don’t just go out there to meet a client. We have our carriers, we have our home office, we have the best backing us up.I will work for somebody else’s dreams or I’ll work for my own. Bill Gates did not get 25 hours today, he got 24 hours today. He didn’t wake up-God didn’t say, “You know, you’re the richest man in the world, I’m gonna give you an extra 10 minutes.”

He gets 24 hours today is all he got, that’s all you’v got, that’s all any of us get! 24 hours! The difference is the decisions we make. What we do is we work together, we network together, and we seek out and we want to go to every under served market and demographic that we can find because everybody needs what we have. Conventional wisdom brings conventional results and we are an unconventional company-we’re committed to being that. When you recruit one person, and now you’ve got a teammate, your mindset totally changes.

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